Meeting the European directive (Code 95)

In cooperation with Renault Trucks, we offer a comprehensive training program that complies fully with EU Directive 2003/59/EC, covering 35 hours of compulsory periodic training for professional drivers (Code 95). These training sessions provide higher levels of road safety, lower costs for transport companies, and reductions in emissions.

The workshops are tailored to a driver's daily routine and consist of a combination of theory and practice, depending on the subject. They're mainly given by trainers with years of experience in the sector. As a result, the training sessions are carried out at a high level - guaranteeing a good return on your investment. Following these sessions, if the knowledge and techniques learned are put into practice, fuel savings of as much as 5-10% are possible. The courses can also be adapted to your company's specific requirements.

All sessions count towards the 35 hours of compulsory periodic training that EU legislation requires for drivers.

Optifuel Training

Optifuel Training is a driver development course that increases awareness of how to drive economically. This training has an immediate short-term effect - and can also make a marked long-term impact on your fuel costs.


  • Allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption (up to 2400 euros per vehicle, per year)
  • Raises awareness of economical driving
  • Is officially approved, and represents seven of the 35 points for compulsory periodic training
  • Leads to less wear on the parts (brakes, tires, etc.) and immediate savings on maintenance, repair and other costs
  • Results in a more environmentally friendly and safer driving style
  • Improves motivation
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